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    12/04: stats updated. the site is booming! tons of canons still available and originals welcomed. we especially need more demons, magicals, watchers, and half demons. site wide plot being introduced soon! stay tuned.

    11/27: the site revamp is complete! after some blood, sweat and tears, the new skin is up. in a few weeks, the original site skin will be made available for selection, but for now, we're giving the new skin a chance!

    11/24: we are open for play once again, relaunched with a new setting, changed plot, fresh minds, and members new & old - register today!

    11/24: available canons include: Anya Jenkins, Charles Gunn, Fred Burkle, Andrew Wells, Johnathan, Warren, Sam Finn, Cordelia Chase, Clem, Willy - and many more.


    MEMBERS: 8

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    SEERS: 0
    SLAYERS: 2
    UNIQUES: 3

    CANONS: 18


    MALES: 12

    FEMALES: 10

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 Posted: Aug 10 2013, 09:45 PM
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application & shipper


Please read through these, or at least through the member group of the character you'll be making before applying. It'll be quite obvious to us if you haven't read this when applying. Also please note - originals will rarely (if ever) overpower a canon unless otherwise approved by a staff member.

  • Demons: Pretty self explanatory. There are hundreds, if not thousands of different kinds. All have different abilities. You may even make your own kind of demon up, if you wish, or select one that has been on the show. Here is a list of demon species seen in the Buffyverse though if you don't want to create your own.

  • Half-Demons: his group is those mixed with demon and human. Doyle would be an example of this. Their demon forms don't always have to show, either. They may look and appear completely human to most, but deep down they aren't all they seem. Most demons have heightened senses and abilities - though they typically aren't as powerful as a full blooded demon.

  • Higher Powers: The Powers That Be? The Oracles? Cordelia, in Angel season 5? That would be an example of a higher power. I'd also consider the First Slayer a higher power in a way. Whistler would account for a higher being, as well. If your higher being is not a canon, run your idea by staff before applying to make sure it'll be approved.

  • Humans: Again, pretty darn self explanatory. Humans make the world go round - and tend to end up being food if they aren't too careful.

  • Hunters: Hunters are simply humans whom have chosen to fight against the demons. They're talented fighters (ex: Robin Wood) but they have no super human abilities. Remember, they're only human. They may be skilled...but if they're cornered, ambushed, or surprised...well - better start praying. Or y'know, calling for help. Whichever.

  • Magicals: Witches and Warlocks are those gifted in the arts of magick. Whether it be dark magick or not, they're naturally attuned to be more talented at it than others. For the sake of simplicity we'll be calling them Magicals on the site.

  • Seers: Seers are normally human (but they don't have to be) whom receive visions. Most tend to use their power for good, but that doesn't mean all. We are not currently accepting any seers that work for the powers that be. However, feel free to make one nonetheless. Knowing the future could be a great help if used correctly.

  • Slayers: Slayers are girls chosen to fight the forces of darkness. They experience prophetic dreams, heightened senses and super powers. Note: This group is closed to all characters except Buffy and Faith.

  • Uniques: These are all of the lovely characters who don't fit into another group. Gwen Raiden is unique, as she is technically a mutant. Dawn, a Key. Connor, a Dhamphir. Get it? This group is for all of our misfits.

  • Vampires: They don't sparkle in the sunlight, they burn. They have a very lumpy vampire visage. Usually can't overpower a Slayer, unless canon. We all know Buffyverse vamps, yeah? In order to become one they have to drink a human's blood until such human is near the brink of death. Then the human drinks the vampire's blood, then the human dies. Three days later they will arise as one of the dead if done correctly. Note: Only Angel may have a soul. No good vampires please.

  • Watchers: Watchers train Slayers to fight the forces of darkness. The Watcher's academy teaches them research skills, demonology, and basic fighting abilities. Men and women alike can be Watcher's, they just might not have an active Slayer.

  • Werewolves: Most wolves can't control their transformations. In fact, it takes a very long time and a certain kind of person to. They're in wolf form for three days a month. Heightened senses in both forms, heightened abilities in wolf form. A person may or may not know that they're a werewolf - that is up to you.

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