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    12/04: stats updated. the site is booming! tons of canons still available and originals welcomed. we especially need more demons, magicals, watchers, and half demons. site wide plot being introduced soon! stay tuned.

    11/27: the site revamp is complete! after some blood, sweat and tears, the new skin is up. in a few weeks, the original site skin will be made available for selection, but for now, we're giving the new skin a chance!

    11/24: we are open for play once again, relaunched with a new setting, changed plot, fresh minds, and members new & old - register today!

    11/24: available canons include: Anya Jenkins, Charles Gunn, Fred Burkle, Andrew Wells, Johnathan, Warren, Sam Finn, Cordelia Chase, Clem, Willy - and many more.


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 Posted: Aug 10 2013, 09:15 PM
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Five and a half months ago, Buffy Summers sacrificed herself to save the life of her sister, Dawn, and ultimately - the world from certain destruction. In her absence, the Scooby Gang, led by Willow, reprogrammed Spike's Buffy-Bot and continued to patrol, keeping the town of Sunnydale (mostly) safe.

Willow, whose powers have surpassed anything she or the group thought imaginable, tells the gang, minus Giles, Spike and Dawn, that she plans to resurrect Buffy. After gathering all of the spell ingredients she needs, Willow arranges the gang at Buffy's graveside to perform the spell. As things get intense, the night takes a turn, and a demon biker gang who figured out the truth about the Buffy-Bot attacks the town, interrupting Willow's spell in the process.

Thinking their spell has failed, the gang flees, leaving Buffy to awaken, still buried in her coffin.

The gang, blinded by their own selfish happiness, can't see how torn the slayer is by her return. Unbeknownst to them, Buffy was torn from heaven, rather than a hell dimension as they had feared. Carrying the burden of that knowledge, Buffy has become a colder version of herself. Buffy, blinded by her own self pity, can't see the effect the magics used to bring her back have had on her closest friend, Willow, who is on a dark and slippery path - addicted to the magics, with too much power for her own good.

Just when things seemed to be at their bleakest, the gang is shook by yet another consequence of the resurrection - a dark being from another dimension piggy backed a ride into their dimension, riding the wave of magical intervention Willow released to pull Buffy back. This being, thriving on the life force of others to survive, chose Tara Maclay as it's first victim, killing her. Soon, it will need to hunt again.

Will the gang be able to put their own issues aside, come together, and defeat the current Big Bad? Can Buffy be shown the light, and regain a sense of hope and purpose? Can Willow be saved from self destruction, before it's too late? Join us, and find out.

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