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» ::Kendra::Out of hours skating
 Posted: Dec 5 2013, 11:37 AM
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Wesley had some time to kill since leaving his two Watcher stalkers behind and meeting Kendra. He decided to meet her in the ice rink, but only after it closed. If the janitor there was the same one that worked there the first time he was in Sunnydale, he'd easily paid off. It was important for them to meet in relative secrecy and for Kendra to not draw attention to herself in any way – so he would wait until she finished her shift and could join him without looking conspicuous. The loud noise from his stomach told him that it would be an opportune time to find something to eat. After driving around a little while, he found a small little late night café out of the way enough so that the Watchers would not pick up on his tracks again. So he sat there with a sandwich and a weak horrible cup of tea and had a little thinking time. He wondered about how Angel was getting on with Buffy, what Gunn, Fred and Cordelia were up to and what reception he might receive once he joined up with the 'old gang'. It was a sad state of affairs when he was actually looking forward to a 'luke warm' or indifferent response from them as the best he could hope for. Hopefully being close allies with Angel would swing things his way. He hoped that they, like him had moved on a little and were prepared to put the past behind them.

Checking the time, Wesley bolted straight up, placed a note down on the table and left quickly and drove off again after briefly scanning the area. The ice rink was not far from the café and he was soon entering the place via the back door, after handing the janitor a few green notes to let him, leave the door open a little for his 'guest' and then go on break so they were not disturbed. ”Sunnydale” Wesley said to himself, while rolling his eyes. ”I would have paid double, if not triple for that in LA.” he added, a little unsure as to why he was moaning about such a thing.

Looking out at the freshly clean surface of the ice rink, he noticed also that the booth housing the skates was not locked. A wry grin on his face and a quick check to see if his guest had arrived yet, and Wes went right over to the stand and picked himself up a pair of ice skates. He wasn't brilliant at it, there was just something about sliding around on ice that made him feel a little free. He got on the ice, a little unsteady at first and then started skating round in circles, then figures of eight until a noise behind him told him he was not completely alone any more.

”You should join me.” Wesley said, without fully looking up. “You'll be surprised about how good it feels.”
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 Posted: Dec 8 2013, 03:17 PM
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application & shipper

Earlier that day, Wesley had staged a run in between strangers, leaving her an inconspicuous not that she had waited until she was safely locked in her flat to open and read. It had an address and a time, an extremely late time, and Kendra was anxious all evening waiting to meet up. She'd gotten changed after her shift, showering the smell of marina from her skin, and left in soft layers, stake in hand.

Following the directions she'd written out after finding the street Wesley had written down on a map, she traveled on foot. It was, of course, on the opposite side of town from her home, so she stopped to grab a half espresso half hot cocoa from the Pump during her travels. When she finally arrived, she was surprised to find that the location he'd selected was an ice rink.

"Ice skating wasn't exactly on the training rotation, Wesley." Kendra offered in response to his suggestion. She definitely wasn't in the mood to teeter around and fall on her arse. "So, what's up? What's going on?" She treaded carefully across the slick surface, stopping near where he was doing figure eights.

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 Posted: Dec 9 2013, 11:15 AM
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application & shipper

Wesley smiled at Kendra's comments. Sometimes he forgot how different she was when compared to both Buffy and Faith. All three of them slayers and all three very different people. One had a hard life that turned rogue, one relatively normal girl turned slayer who had been able to experience some of the fun things in life, who to be frank, didn't seem to appreciate just how relatively lucky she was and then there was Kendra. The soldier type slayer who was brought into it to care about almost nothing but her training. No room for fun and happiness there.

In a very male and foolish attempt to show off, Wesley attempted to do a kind of jump and mid-air twirl, landing stomach first on the ice, directly in front of Kendra who was slowly and carefully walking on the ice. Feeling thankful that he – and his glasses – were relatively uninjured with the exception of a few bruises and a huge hit to his pride, he gingerly got up.

“Yes well, maybe they should include it from now on. But then again, they're about as likely to add a bit of fun to Slayer training as they are to listen to me.” Wesley said, attempting to dust himself off. ”Well that's another Slayer I've embarrassed myself in front of. That would be the full set now, I'd wager. It is good to see you again though Kendra. Or is it Nikki now?” Wesley said with a slight smirk.

As usual, Kendra got straight down to business. ”Well firstly I wanted to check in with you to see how you are. As you are most probably aware, the Watchers Council are still using every trick possible to locate your whereabouts. I'm afraid my sudden presence back here in Sunnydale has given them added impudence. Secondly....well I'm sure you have heard about Buffy's return from the dead once again. Well I'm afraid her return this time her return has brought about some rather bad consequences in more than the obvious. I've been hearing of portents for days and there's that feeling in the air.....some thing's coming. Something big. I haven't put my finger on what it is yet, but I don't consider the timing of Buffy's resurrection and the portents to be in any way a coincidence. We all need to be on our guard. I think we could use your...anonymity to our advantage. If Buffy and the others do not know of your presence here, there is a chance that...whatever it is that is coming, does not know either. I must confer with Giles before we move forward, however. It is best we go into it fully informed. I believe it's important for you to not reveal your presence until absolutely necessary, although, with your permission, I might tell Giles. We haven't always seen eye to eye in the past, but I believe him to be an honourable man. If nothing else he might have a few ideas, or even contacts that could help keep the Council off our backs.”

That was a lot of information to tell a person in one go and Wesley paused so that she could let it sink in. ”Now the bad news is out of the way, how are you settling in? Is there anything you need?
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