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    12/04: stats updated. the site is booming! tons of canons still available and originals welcomed. we especially need more demons, magicals, watchers, and half demons. site wide plot being introduced soon! stay tuned.

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    11/24: we are open for play once again, relaunched with a new setting, changed plot, fresh minds, and members new & old - register today!

    11/24: available canons include: Anya Jenkins, Charles Gunn, Fred Burkle, Andrew Wells, Johnathan, Warren, Sam Finn, Cordelia Chase, Clem, Willy - and many more.


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 Posted: Dec 1 2013, 12:44 AM
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application & shipper

Finally, Rory was going to actually get out of the house. Her mother had legitimately demanded it. If she hadn't agreed, she was told she would have been grounded. When she brought the fact up to her mother that her punishment made absolutely no sense, she was only yelled at further.

She loved her mom, though. The woman meant well and she had no doubt about her intentions. However she could definitely be a pain in the ass at times. Tonight had been one of those nights.

Forcing Rory to drag herself off the couch for the first time since her accident, she'd pretty much pushed her to go to the Bronze. Not wanting to deal with her mother, and two, knowing it'd be good for her, she'd gotten up and showered. After her shower she'd curled her hair and done her make up. Afterwards, she found a new dress lying on her bed. Her mother must have bought it to cheer her up. And it did, because she absolutely freaking loved it.

Once dressed, she hugged her mother in thanks and goodbye and took her mom's SUV to the club. She waited patiently in line with the other people her age before showing the bouncer her ID. As she was given entrance, she quickly pushed through to the bar to order an iced tea. Tea in hand, she pushed through the crowds once again to go upstairs to the balcony that overlooked the dance floor. Watching others dance wasn't all that fun, but she simply watched as she sipped her tea. Maybe she'd meet a person or two here. If not, she'd finish her tea and go home. At least she could say she tried, right?

outfit, credit to millie for template!
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 Posted: Dec 12 2013, 08:40 PM
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application & shipper

The current band finished, the crowd of dancers dispersed taking a break until the next band came on. Oz followed his fellow band members onto the stage taking his old familiar spot to the left. He slipped the guitar strap over his shoulder and gave a couple strums. Listening intently one string was just a bit off. A slight adjustment and he gave another strum. Much better. He gave a nod, the signal that he was set. Lights dimmed and soon the music began to play.

“Oh my God!“ A bubbly young blonde jumped up beside Rory. Obviously excited and not caring that she was talking to a complete stranger. Dingoes Ate My Baby was printed across her t-shirt though her excited bouncing may make it hard to read. “I love these guys! Devon is sooooo hot!” She hurried past Rory and down the steps most likely to get a closer spot.

~If i could remember
a face i'd never seen
deep in these embers
that glow on endlessly
what would they tell me
if others had lost their faith
what would they sell me
if we had lost our way~

The Dingoes started out with a slower number. Something to get the couples swaying on the dance floor and it seemed to be working. The song choice was cool with Oz. Of course when it came to music he was pretty cool with everything but he was more of a slow mellow kind of guy.

~if i could wake up
and see another day
if i could fake all
the lies i'd never said
how would i know you
if i had turned away
what that would show you
i never could have said~

The red haired werewolf, or man to those unaware, let his fingers move over the strings. Mind drifting off with the music while lights slowly danced across the stage.

~and we've got to run
deep through these forests
or hang upon the hill
i've got a wish
something to promise
but, no i never will…~



 Posted: Dec 21 2013, 10:50 AM
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application & shipper

M00NST0NE an all girl band, whose unique sound and British accented singers were growing in popularity, finished their set, leaving the crowd amped up and ready for a new sound. Sauntering to center stage, Devon and the Dingoes took their place, changing the pace with a slower song.

" if I could walk out
and see another sky
if I could talk about
the heavens that had cried
how I would love you
and never walk away
how I would show you
I've never had to pray "

and we've got to run
deep through these forests
or hang upon the hill
I've got a wish
something to promise
but no I never will
if I could walk out
no I'd never lie

Devon's raw, husky voice rang through the tightly packed space of the newly rebuilt Bronze. It'd been a while since they'd played, well - anywhere, but their hometown gig brought back the most memories. Lost in nostalgia, the beat of Joey on the drums, and the low strum of Oz's strings, the song was over before Devon even realized they were nearing the end.

They played through the first half of their set before closing for a mid-show break. "Crowd's lovin' it, man." Devon said in jest, moving to stand beside Oz after hanging up his mic. "You thirsty? I'm headed to the bar for a drink before we pick back up."
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 Posted: Dec 28 2013, 09:39 PM
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application & shipper

The stage lights dimmed signaling it was break time. Oz slipped the guitar strap from his shoulder and set the instrument aside. Devon was right the crowd was digging the show. Sure they would tease each other about how bad they were but it was all in fun. Devon mentioned heading to the bar and Oz offered a quick single nod. Why not. “Sure.” Instead of taking the steps at the side of the stage Oz took the short cut. Smoothly hopping down from the front of the stage and heading through the crowd.

He found an empty seat at the bar and was barley sitting when a glass was set in front of him. “On the house.” The bartender offered the band members. Hey one perk of being in a band were free drinks at gigs. Oz accepted the offer taking a drink before turning to Devon. “Thought I might be a little rusty. Thanks for lending me the gear. All I have left is my old acoustic.” He brought his glass up taking another drink.


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