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    AAC is an intermediate to advanced Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel the Show roleplay game, set during the sixth season of Buffy and the third season of Angel. We offer a supportive staff, welcoming members who are willing to plot and play, a relaxed atmosphere, both canon and original characters, no word counts, room for creativity, and cookies. Well, okay, pretend cookies. (Be mindful, some of us actually do bite.)

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    12/04: stats updated. the site is booming! tons of canons still available and originals welcomed. we especially need more demons, magicals, watchers, and half demons. site wide plot being introduced soon! stay tuned.

    11/27: the site revamp is complete! after some blood, sweat and tears, the new skin is up. in a few weeks, the original site skin will be made available for selection, but for now, we're giving the new skin a chance!

    11/24: we are open for play once again, relaunched with a new setting, changed plot, fresh minds, and members new & old - register today!

    11/24: available canons include: Anya Jenkins, Charles Gunn, Fred Burkle, Andrew Wells, Johnathan, Warren, Sam Finn, Cordelia Chase, Clem, Willy - and many more.


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Feb 10 2014, 06:43 AM

Have you ever wondered what would've happened had events in the show gone a different way, or the characters reacted differently in a given situation? Here's your chance to find out. We're rewriting Buffy the Vampire Slayer from the very beginning, bringing new ideas into the mix and allowing the show to develop in different directions to what we saw on television. We will use the original show as a template, a guide; but where we take this game is entirely up to us.

Please join:

Dec 12 2013, 05:32 PM
[dohtml]<p><link href='http://fonts.googleapis.com/css?family=Norican' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>

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<div style="
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<P><B>••• First off, what characters do you play?</b>
<br><br> Samuel Carter, Hunter, Original
<p> Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Hunter, Cannon
<p> Rupert Giles, Watcher, Cannon

<P><B>••• Out of these, who is your favorite to play?</b>
<br><br>Tough choice, as I enjoy playing all three (Even though I haven't posted as Giles here yet). Going to have to say Samuel, as he is pretty much the Buffy version of Dean Winchester, who is not only my all time favorite character, but my all time favcorite character to play.

<P><B>••• Who's your least favorite, and most favorite character of both BtVS and ATS?</b>
<br><br>Going to cheat here a little. Least favourite character overall is Cordelia. She just bugs me. Favourite characters - Willow for BTVS as well, I was the male version of her at school, only without the cool friends. Angel for ATS because I love the character.

<P><B>••• Now let's get down to the good stuff. What kind of threads are your favorite?</b>
<br><br>I like all of them really, but Action/Adventure has to come top.

<P><B>••• Which are your least favorite types of threads?</B>
<br><br>Romantic. I don't mind writing romantic scenes, but won't do sex scenes.

<P><B>••• Do you prefer to plot ahead, or just go with the flow?</b>
<br><br>Plot ahead, I guess. It's good to have an overall plot for the characters so that there is some sense of direction. However, there has to be a little freedom so that the characters can develop organically and therefore might complete the plot a little differently than intended wink.gif

<P><B>••• What was your favorite season of Buffy? What about Angel?</b>
<br><br>My favourite season of Buffy was season 5. Loved the 'big bad' Glory and thought it would have been a perfect end to Buffy. Angel's a little trickier. It's kind of a tie between season 1 and 3. Season 1 had Doyle and I liked it when they were just taking on cases and 'helping the hopeless', rather than all the other stuff. Season 3 had Holtz and all the flashbacks.

<P><B>••• Who was your favorite villain of each series?</b>
<br><br>For BTVS it has to be Glory, hands down with The Master coming a close second. For Angel the clear winner is Holtz, although he was a little more grey.

<P><B>••• Long posts, or short posts?</b>
<br><br>Prefer longer posts, especially as I tend to ramble. Longer posts give you more to work off. Absolutely detest one liners.

<P><B>••• What are your favorite 'ships' for each of your characters?</b>
<br><br>I think this means relationships? Well none of them are in relationships yet, but potentially - Sam with Rory, Wesley with Fred (if we get a Fred), not too sure with Giles.

<P><B>••• Anything else to add?</b>
<br><br> Nothing, other than I feel privaledged to be a part of a roleplay with two great admins and great writers biggrin.gif


Dec 5 2013, 11:37 AM
Wesley had some time to kill since leaving his two Watcher stalkers behind and meeting Kendra. He decided to meet her in the ice rink, but only after it closed. If the janitor there was the same one that worked there the first time he was in Sunnydale, he'd easily paid off. It was important for them to meet in relative secrecy and for Kendra to not draw attention to herself in any way – so he would wait until she finished her shift and could join him without looking conspicuous. The loud noise from his stomach told him that it would be an opportune time to find something to eat. After driving around a little while, he found a small little late night café out of the way enough so that the Watchers would not pick up on his tracks again. So he sat there with a sandwich and a weak horrible cup of tea and had a little thinking time. He wondered about how Angel was getting on with Buffy, what Gunn, Fred and Cordelia were up to and what reception he might receive once he joined up with the 'old gang'. It was a sad state of affairs when he was actually looking forward to a 'luke warm' or indifferent response from them as the best he could hope for. Hopefully being close allies with Angel would swing things his way. He hoped that they, like him had moved on a little and were prepared to put the past behind them.

Checking the time, Wesley bolted straight up, placed a note down on the table and left quickly and drove off again after briefly scanning the area. The ice rink was not far from the café and he was soon entering the place via the back door, after handing the janitor a few green notes to let him, leave the door open a little for his 'guest' and then go on break so they were not disturbed. ”Sunnydale” Wesley said to himself, while rolling his eyes. ”I would have paid double, if not triple for that in LA.” he added, a little unsure as to why he was moaning about such a thing.

Looking out at the freshly clean surface of the ice rink, he noticed also that the booth housing the skates was not locked. A wry grin on his face and a quick check to see if his guest had arrived yet, and Wes went right over to the stand and picked himself up a pair of ice skates. He wasn't brilliant at it, there was just something about sliding around on ice that made him feel a little free. He got on the ice, a little unsteady at first and then started skating round in circles, then figures of eight until a noise behind him told him he was not completely alone any more.

”You should join me.” Wesley said, without fully looking up. “You'll be surprised about how good it feels.”
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