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» glassman, arielle -wip-, Twentyfour - Human
 Posted: Dec 10 2013, 03:05 PM
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application & shipper

Arielle Mae Glassman


  • After her first year at NYU School of Law Arielle decided to move across the country to escape her control-loving parents in Long Island, and finish out her law degree at UC Sunnydale. She is currently in her 2nd year and focuses on Environmental Law.
  • Arielle loves animals and has been vegan since her 16th birthday. Her best friend is her rescued dog Louie
  • who she adopted shortly after moving to Sunnydale, both for company and protection after noticing the strange occurences in the small town.
  • Arielle's family is Polish-Jewish. Her grandparents and their 3 year old son, Arielle's father, fled from Nazi-occupied Poland in 1939 leaving everything behind. Their original family name was Glinka, but it was changed to Glassman when they arrived in the United States.
  • Arielle loves flea markets, antique stores and rummage sales. She likes clutter, collecting things and having a variety of interesting conversation pieces in her small apartment. Some of her most "prized posessions" include a horned devil mask from the 1920s
  • , a Victorian photo album full of post mortem photography and her red 1954 Ford Sunliner Convertible.

They call me Katie and I hail from Rhode Island. I've been hanging around the hellmouth for twentythree years and I also play N/A. You can reach me on PM or email at katie.oneone9 (at) gmail.com..

Play-By: Lana Del Rey

Personality: Paragraph minimum please. What makes them tick? What pisses them off? Habits, flaws, strengths, weaknesses?

Abilities/Powers: N/A

Knowledge of the Supernatural: Arielle believed in certain entitities and the supernatural since she was little, and as plenty other (irresponsible) teenagers, has had her share of ouija board sessions. Except for talking to a few spirits through the board back in the day she doesn't really have any back up for her theories or beliefs though. After her move to Sunnydale she noticed several strange things around town, and ran into a group of vampires on her first night. Being from NYC she chalked it up to drugged up students, or homeless people.. or someone playing a prank. She wasn't sure what to make of it. The next day, however, she went to the local shelter and adopted her dog, Louie, to keep her company and protect her. She could sense [i]something[i/] was going on. Of course, a dog is not quite the protection one needs when living above the Hellmouth but that's something Arielle has yet to figure out.

History: Arielle hails from New York City. She grew up in Long Island where she attended high school, and later on moved to NYC to attend New York University. If it would have been up to her, Arielle would have packed her bags and moved to Alaska right after graduation but being her parent's only daughter she didn't really have a choice. Coming from a family of lawyers, her path was laid out for her the moment she was just a twinkle in her father's eyes. Besides being constantly monitored on school work, who she was hanging out with and why she didn't pick up more activities at school, Arielle led a fairly normal life on the East Coast.

Arielle was slowly pacing her small living room in circles; her eyes were fixated on the files she was holding in her hands. The words made absolutely no sense to her: too many abbreviations, too much lawyer speak she had never heard of, and it didn’t help that instead of using names, people were described with… she didn’t even know. Latin words? Or were these foreign names? She frowned, and flicked the paper as if it would just spew out an answer; tell her what’s going on if she did that long enough.

She’s interned at law firms before, but this gig just seemed to get stranger by the hour. All she knew about Wolfram & Hart was that her father’s friend did him a favor by allowing Arielle to intern in their firm -- and she agreed so he wouldn’t cut off her student “income”. She wanted to get involved with environmental law, not spend day and night in an overpowering sky scraper, chugging coffee and slaving away over stacks of files about murder and muggings. She knew Wolfram & Hart was one of L.A.’S biggest law firms, which meant many opportunities to network, abut also that the word shady didn’t even begin to cover their clientele. And thus far all she was able to learn is how to correctly operate their coffee maker and copy machine. Not quite the internship she expected.

Arielle let out a sigh and let her thoughts drift away from the office, still pacing back and forth, as the words on the pages she was reading slowly became blurry. “Could you make us some more coffee, Annabelle?” she mocked in a high-pitched women’s voice that was supposed to sound like one of her superiors, and giggled at the thought of her. “Mary-Ellen, these files, scan them. Now!” she continued in something that was supposed to sound masculine and smoky. Networking? Ha! These people were so self-absorbed; they couldn’t even be bothered with forming actual sentences. Letting out another big sigh reminiscent of frustration, sleep deprivation and the urge to drink a bottle of wine – or maybe even 2 – Arielle stopped in the middle of the room, threw the file she was holding on the ground, and sank down to sit next to her favorite four-legged companion.

“Can you believe this, Louie? It’s been three weeks! Three!” She exclaimed in exaggerated disbelief, looking at her dog while spreading her arms wide open. “They still can’t even get my name right. Not one of them! I think one of my twenty-thousand superiors called me “the one with the red hair” today!" Arielle leaned in to rest her head on his furry side, but instead Louie turned his head and met hers with a head-butt. “Thanks buddy. At least you know who I am! Sorry for leaving you all day. “, she said petting his head, and quickly added “Don’t get too attached to that dog-walking service lady!”

Arielle looked out the window. It was dark, she couldn’t make out any starts tonight, but at least it was still somewhat warm. She looked back to her dog, then at the file she was reading, glanced at her wrist watch and back to her dog. “Wanna go for a walk?” Upon hearing the word walk, the 50 pound canine pointed his ear towards the ceiling, jumped like a kid who just learned he’s going to Disneyland, and ran excitedly to the key hook that was holding his leash, and back to Arielle. “Of course you do, you’re a dog.” After securing Louie, Arielle grabbed the file, her jacket and turned one final time to scan the room. “Keys, wallet….” she thought out loud, when her eyes came to a halt at the side table she snagged from a yard sale a couple of days ago. She contemplated whether or not to take the pack of smokes that was innocently lying atop it. The girl thought back to before her move, swearing to herself she'd give up smoking after the leap to the healthy state of California. “Whatever.”, Arielle concluded and grabbed the cigarettes. “Smoking is probably the last thing that will kill me in this town.”

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