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    12/04: stats updated. the site is booming! tons of canons still available and originals welcomed. we especially need more demons, magicals, watchers, and half demons. site wide plot being introduced soon! stay tuned.

    11/27: the site revamp is complete! after some blood, sweat and tears, the new skin is up. in a few weeks, the original site skin will be made available for selection, but for now, we're giving the new skin a chance!

    11/24: we are open for play once again, relaunched with a new setting, changed plot, fresh minds, and members new & old - register today!

    11/24: available canons include: Anya Jenkins, Charles Gunn, Fred Burkle, Andrew Wells, Johnathan, Warren, Sam Finn, Cordelia Chase, Clem, Willy - and many more.


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 Posted: Dec 8 2013, 02:51 PM
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application & shipper

Kate hadn't even been in Sunnydale a week and she'd already killed two vampires. This town was a lot more infested than she'd realized. On top of that, there was something new, too. A local nurse had been killed and while the cause of death hadn't yet been announced, she knew it was Supernatural. She'd been on site and seen the body. The woman had literally had the life sucked right out of her. She'd been cold, grey, her veins protruding, and slightly shriveled. Of course they weren't revealing those tidbits to the public just yet...But she knew. She knew it was her kind of case.

She didn't know what the thing was, but, she did know one thing. She needed coffee. A lot of it.

In her undercover car, she parked it along the street outside of the Espresso Pump and stepped out onto the pavement. The wind made it a bit chilly, though in reality, it was in the sixties still.

While in line she briefly did a scan of the bistro, making sure everything was in order. Everything appeared just dandy. Especially, considering two women had been killed within the past few weeks and no one knows why. The town seems to be quite oblivious to everything around it.

"Miss? I can help you over here." Finally catching her attention, Kate shuffled over to the free register and the polite women who'd called her several times with no answer. "Sorry about that" she told her before looking up to the sign and back down to the girl. "Extra large, two espresso shots please." The girl nodded, took Kate's money, and then went to make the beverage. While waiting, she leaned back against the counter and looked out onto the street, keeping a special eye on her vehicle.

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