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» Home Sweet Home. (open)
 Posted: Dec 8 2013, 09:25 PM
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Oz had been a busy wolfie since returning to Sunnydale. He was slowly adjusting to being back among Willow and the Scooby gang. Met up with Devon, friend and lead singer of the Dingoes. Spent some time with his cousin Jordy, confided in the other werewolf that he found a way to control the shift and even promised to try passing the knowledge along. He also met with his parents who were surprisingly happy to see he was in one piece.

That meeting led him here. Standing in front of a modest sized cabin nestled among the trees. His parents would rent the place out to summer tourists. Until his father grew tired of the upkeep and trying to keep vagrants out. Oz was welcome to it if he wanted to clean the place up and take care of his own utilities. He accepted the offer. The place was close enough to town he could be there to help his friends. While the surrounding woods offered a bit of sanctuary to the wolf and could be a good place to teach others.

Oz stepped onto the porch and up to the front door. His folks gave him a key but he noticed the padlock had been broken. He pushed the door open hearing the hinges creek. It was dark, the windows boarded up from the inside. He took a step in and flicked the light switch, not surprised when nothing happened. “Hmm.” He went further heading into what could be considered the living room area and went to work pulling a large board from one of the widows The nails eventually gave way and he let it drop to the floor sending up a cloud of dust. He pulled another board away and sunlight broke through lighting up the dingy and dusty interior. The sound of movement came through the floor beneath. Definitely more than just rats in the basement. No problem. The vamps would be evicted soon enough. He let the board fall with the other and turned to his present company. “Well, what do you think?”

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