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» Magical Levels, must read for magic users!
 Posted: Dec 4 2013, 11:15 AM
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To keep characters' powers clearly laid out, here is a basic list of the 10 levels of Magic. Witches/Warlocks are allotted ONE specialty power or ability in addition to the skills available in your level. Acceptance of said ability will be up to the administrators' discretion.

Level 1-

Members of this class are just scratching the surface of magic. They typically haven't done much more than study the craft, because they haven't mastered enough emotional control to utilize them. They may try spells, but the likeliness of them succeeding is slim.

Level 2-

Members of this class now have a basic understanding of the craft through study and preparation. Now they are able to join in on spells with a group, or another magic user of higher levels. They still do not have the skill to perform anything past basic magics on their own, but they add power and stability to the spells they assist with.

Level 3-

This is the final level a human is able to possess magic, before they advance into the title of witch/warlock, which is something you have to be born into, or have bestowed upon you from a magical being. Characters at this level are able to chant successfully on their own, brew basic potions, and perform basic smells.

Level 4-

Members of this class are considered witches or warlocks (some demons can also harness the magics.) They are able to brew basic potions, dabble in self protection, and healing spells, accomplish demon summoning or banishing spells, and begin attempting telekinesis.

Level 5-

This is the average level of an established witch/warlock. Telekinesis is now used with ease on small objects and all potions and spells that do not cross into goddess rooted or deep black arts are achievable.

Magic Levels Past 5 must be earned through RP and Admin Approval. _________________________________________________________

Level 6- Witches/warlocks at this level have all the abilities previously mentioned, and are also able to cast small force fields around themselves for a short period of time. They can glide a few inches from the ground, a few minutes at a time, and are able to tap into goddess magics and black arts.

Level 7- Witches/warlocks at this level can control/cast force fields around themselves that last as long as they desire, and are also able to shoot small bursts of energy from their hands which are equivalent to the punch or kick of supernatural strength.

Level 8- Witches at this level are able to drain the energy out of people surrounding them, in order to heal themselves. They can harness large force fields to protect themselves and others for a short period of time, and can use the basic spells and potions under the goddess or black arts magics.

Level 9-

This level is very rare to reach.Witches/warlocks at this level can form force fields to protect themselves and others as long as they desire, are able to tap into the earth's life force through meditation to heal themselves, and can divulge into the dark arts or goddess magics and may start experimenting into astral projecting.

Level 10-

Magic users at this level have exceeded the term "witch," as it is defined by themselves. This level takes years of dedication to reach, and for that reason, is extremely difficult, and will likely never be reached by a non-canon character. Witches at this level are able to astral project and fly with ease, and heal themselves or others extremely quickly. Witches at this level are also able to teleport with ease from one location to another. There is a huge gap between this level and level 9.

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